Retail conversion – the Summit difference

Summit helps you track completed goals against detailed KPIs

As the UK’s only retail-focused digital marketing and eCommerce specialists, we understand how it’s possible to make significant incremental gains by improving conversion rates.We also know why multi-variate testing (MVT) is sometimes compromised when budgets are tight.

Summit can help you overcome these contradictions by delivering an effective conversion strategy that maximises the sales potential of your website through detailed analysis of:

  • Basket abandonment and conversion
    We identify – and remove – the impediments to sale on your website(s) and reduce the rate of basket abandonment.
  • Landing page(s) and conversion 
    By examining the customer journey from landing page(s) to checkout, we can identify the issues that may be limiting conversion and reducing your sales.
  • Delivery channels and conversion
    Recognising that your customers come to your site through a variety of channels, and are likely to be at different stages of the sales journey, we devise strategies that treat each type appropriately.

Retail conversion – Summit expertise and technologies

Maximise sales conversion using MVT

To maximise your conversion rates, we use a combination of in-house expertise and experience – as acknowledged by various professional accreditations and partnerships – plus third party and proprietary technologies:

  • Google Analytics Certified Partner
    Our GACP status gives us unprecedented access to Google’s own experts and other resources, so we can easily customise GA to gain insights into your online performance and/or adopt a multichannel approach by directly linking it to an AdWords campaign.
  • ClickTale Certified Partner
    As ClickTale’s only certified partner in the UK, we can offer you a unique tool for increasing sales. ClickTale records a visitor’s mouse movements to create highly detailed heat maps for your web pages that can inform your plans to prevent basket abandonment and improve conversion rates.
  • User testing
    To identify potential usability issues and measure the gaps between reality and original design, we track the site visits of your real customers through usability labs and assisted journey tests.
  • Wireframes and prototyping
    While wireframes focus on the priority of content and functionality, prototyping brings them to life and makes them interactive. This ensures that the final site meets your specific needs, reducing friction in your customers’ journeys and moving them as quickly and easily as possible towards a sale.
  • Coremetrics
    If you use IBM’s digital marketing optimisation suite, we have access to the Coremetrics reporting module to guide our conversion strategies and recommendations.
  • DC Storm eCommerce dashboard
    You can collate information on key performance metrics captured by our proprietary DC Storm tags and receive an in-depth weekly report that identifies poorly performing pages on your website(s).
  • Morae mouse tracking software
    In addition to tracking on-screen mouse movements, Morae records users in audio and video to provide a complete picture of their interaction with your website. Once analysed, this data offers you insights into potential obstacles to conversion and can quickly lead to improved incremental sales.
  • Omniture
    We interpret the analytics from Adobe’s digital marketing suite to help you understand site usage.

Website conversion in practice – CT Shirts

Their challenge

Prior to the re-design and re-development of their website, quality menswear retailer Charles Tyrwhitt understood they had issues with poor on-site conversion. To ensure these issues were not transferred to their new site, Charles Tyrwhitt enlisted Summit to make recommendations to direct the new site design.


Our solution

After analysing analytics data to identify problematic pages, we created a number of key customer journeys and recruited users to carry out usability testing on specific scenarios. We also developed a MVT plan, and prototyped a new site based on this research and feedback.


The results

Charles Tyrwhitt took our findings and implemented them into their new design, significantly improving conversion across their site and reducing bounce rate & basket abandonment.


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