Retail social media engagement – the Summit difference

Summit helps you measure and improve levels of engagement across social media

As the UK’s only retail-focused digital marketing and eCommerce specialists, we can help you measure and improve the level of engagement you achieve across social media platforms.

Summit has the expertise, resources and proprietary technologies needed to:

  • Continually audit your competitors’ communities.
  • Measure and understand the sentiments of your own customers.
  • Win more customers for you – and at an earlier stage of the buying process.
  • Create your social media executions (including videos and other content for syndication).
  • Encourage your customers to become ambassadors for your brand.

Retail social media engagement – Summit expertise


Our in-house social media experts have worked for retailers, news agencies, leading search engine providers and other organisations at the forefront of cost-effective social media interaction. By taking advantage of our expertise, you can:

  • Change the perception of your brand
    By combining product information, reviews and other elements on your site, we can ensure it becomes a destination for consumers researching products and/or sectors within your portfolio.
  • Engage your customers earlier in the buying process
    Once your site includes forums and other tools, you can engage your potential customers sooner, maintain their interest for longer, and motivate them to purchase more often.
  • Define your Facebook metrics
    With our expertise in measuring the success of Facebook campaigns, you can quantify the effectiveness of your activities – rather than simply counting the number of ‘Likes’ acquired.
  • Target your communities more precisely
    By segmenting your followers on sites like Twitter, we create tailored campaigns that fully engage your existing and potential customers.
  • Improve your customer satisfaction levels
    We can monitor an agreed roster of social media on your behalf, identifying comments about your brand and responding in ways that positively influence customer attitudes and levels of satisfaction.

Retail social media engagement – Summit technologies


To help you gain competitive advantage, we continue to develop our own social media technologies:

  • Social CMS
    Manage your content more effectively through our enterprise-grade social CMS, which we can customise to your requirements with features such as international content targeting, product carousels, polls and Q&As. You don’t need web design or development skills to take full advantage – it lets you publish content quickly and easily:
    • across a variety of social media
    • properties within your existing website(s)
    • on any new site(s) that you create

Retail social media engagement – Summit insight


To support your decision-making about social media engagement and help you optimise your campaigns, our statistical insight team analyses your customers’ behaviour and provides you with channel-specific data. We offer:

  • Attribution
    Unless you track your social media activities, you’ll never know how they contribute to each customer journey. We monitor the “social clicks” and use this data to inform your engagement plans.
  • Cross-channel strategies
    We build models to analyse the effect of social media engagement on other channels, to quantify the additional value generated, and to inform your cross-channel planning and activities.
  • Social graphics
    By understanding where your customers go online and how they behave, we can provide your buyers with highly targeted and topical product information to help improve campaign effectiveness

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