PPC for retail – the Summit difference


The team at Summit have exceeded all expectations with this year’s PPC campaign, delivering an exceptional ROI. Working collaboratively with Google, they helped develop a new forecasting model which has driven business

— Dan Patmore, Search Manager at Argos

As the UK’s only retail-focused digital marketing and eCommerce specialists, we understand why you’re constantly scrutinising your paid search campaigns. But how can you improve? Can you quantify and justify the performance of PPC within the multi-channel customer journey? Do you have the knowledge to anticipate changes within search, or the ability to react effectively?

Summit can help you figure out the status of your PPC activities and decide what to do next. Using a combination of in-house expertise, sector knowledge, proprietary technology (Stingray) and statistical analysis, we can make your PPC budgets go further.


PPC for retail – Summit expertise


Stingray gives you a single, real-time interface to manage and optimise your core direct response channels

To ensure you gain greater returns, our paid search specialists apply a variety of proven methods to your campaigns. These include retail-specific optimisation techniques, creative treatments and tactics tailored to mobile, and competitor monitoring across a matrix of activities, pricing and propositions. In addition, our account management structures reflect your internal business and category teams to ensure we maintain clear lines of reporting and responsibility.

This accumulated knowledge and tailored approach means that we can devise and deliver cost-efficient campaigns that:

  • Understand your customers
    We assess the decision-making process of your customers and use the learning to influence the content, placement and frequency of your ads.
  • Handle large volumes of your keywords
    With your product portfolio in perpetual motion, keyword allocation must keep pace so we automate the process using inputs from your own onsite search and sources such as Hitwise.
  • Manage and respond to your promotions
    We endorse the following campaign management processes and response mechanisms:
    • using your product feed data to automate campaign creation
      dynamically inserting price, category and range messaging
    • reallocating your budget against forecast returns
    • analysing campaigns using your bespoke version of our attribution model
  • Engage your trading teams
  • Support your local and multi-channel marketing activities
  • Attract supplier funding
  • Help your commercial decision-making

We provide real-time insights and weekly reports that you can use to modify your activities, plus training courses on search techniques and developments that improve competitivenes.

PPC for retail – Summit technologies

Portfolio Manager keeps your campaigns completely up to date

Our close working relationship with the major search engines, including Google, means that we are often involved in the beta testing of new products and technologies. Where appropriate, we can use our learning to facilitate first-move advantage on your behalf – either through improvements to your own site’s search facilities or by updating our proprietary Stingray technology.

Comprising a suite of tracking, reporting and marketing tools, Stingray gives you a single view of all your online activities. In terms of paid search capabilities, Stingray features a number of components capable of transforming your campaigns:

  • Portfolio Manager: Uses a product feed and Google API to automatically refresh your entire PPC campaign (including creative messaging and keywords) each day against stock, price and margin.
  • URL Checker: Based on live campaigns and real-time product information, this tool reports on the availability of your PPC landing pages and allows you to eradicate ’404′ errors and stop wasting money on promoting non-existent stock.
  • Account Auditor: Using over 60 best practice guidelines to assess the hygiene and effectiveness of your PPC accounts, this auditing tool automatically reviews each one and updates you on its status.
  • Keyword Generator: Uses its powerful synonym engine to analyse current campaigns, identify gaps and propose additional keyword opportunities.

PPC for retail – Summit insight

Summit insight helps you find the right balance

Summit insight helps you find the right balance.

Our statistical insight team supports your PPC decision-making by offering:

  • Forecasting and modelling: Our budgeting and forecasting models take into account retail-specific factors such as seasonality and become more accurate over time as we add historical data.
  • Customer behaviour analysis: Our forensic insights regarding time to purchase, browsing versus shopping, category behaviour, and click journeys explain how your customers behave and why they purchase.
  • Attribution: To create your bespoke attribution model, we analyse the position and role of PPC within each channel’s customer journey and then attribute spend across all of the channels.
  • Creative testing models: We run multivariate testing of PPC creative treatments, measuring the click-through and conversion rates to maximise your return on ad spend.

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