Retail mobile marketing – the Summit difference

Summit delivers mobile marketing strategies across all phone platforms

As the UK’s only retail-focused digital marketing and eCommerce specialists, we understand the impact that mobile is having on consumers – in terms of how they research products and how they behave in-store.

Summit can help you optimise your website(s) for mobile, and radically improve your customers’ shopping experience, by delivering a comprehensive mobile strategy with provision for:

  • Having a mobile site, with PPC and SEO
    We can ensure that your website works well on mobile devices by activating platform-specific SEO, plus PPC that’s separate from any other campaigns, to maximise sales opportunities and conversions.
  • Auditing existing campaigns 
    We thoroughly test your existing mobile activities to ensure they’re fit for purpose and fully integrated within your multichannel retail strategy.
  • Understanding – and shortening – the customer journey
    To enrich the consumer experience, we track the cross-platform movements of your existing customers and then apply best practice to abbreviate the product-to-checkout journey.
  • Location awareness
    GPS-capable mobile devices allow you to differentiate your offering with functionality such as location-aware PPC ads that promote local deals and/or blended search results that supply navigation.
  • Benchmarking and competitor monitoring
    We take away the burden of tracking the competition – and comparing your activities – and give you the top-line data and analysis you need to maintain an edge.

Retail mobile marketing – Summit technologies

We also help you gain and retain competitive advantage by continuing to develop our own mobile technologies:

Mobile commerce

We create sites that allow shoppers to buy your products quickly and easily, direct from their mobile devices.


Mobile-optimised websites

We can re-develop your mobile-specific site(s), or retro-fit existing sites, to improve mobile usability and accessibility while also optimising for the key search engines.


Mobile applications

We produce apps for all of the major mobile platforms (e.g. iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry) to improve your engagement with customers and create new sales channels.


 Retail mobile marketing – Summit insight

Summit provides platform-specific reports and cross-channel analysis

Our statistical insight team supports your decision-making about mobile marketing. Offering you detailed analysis of your customers’ behaviour, plus campaign data across multiple channels, we provide:

  • Platform-specific reports
    Find out which platforms your customers use and how differences can affect conversion, and discover the impact of tablet devices (e.g. the iPad) on your campaign planning and messaging.
  • Cross-channel analysis
    With customers now interacting with your site on multiple platforms, you can rely on our analysis to help you assess the impact and then maximise the retail potential of mobile.

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