In-house affiliate marketing – the Summit difference

We have more clarity around reporting and sales status. A lot of other affiliate networks don’t report that – we do. And that is down to the unrivalled affiliate platform provided by Summit.  

— John Hayes, Head of Online Development and Operations at Three

 As the UK’s only retail-focused digital marketing and eCommerce specialists, we understand how in-house affiliate programmes can often offer you better value than network management options.

You can rely upon Summit’s dedicated affiliate marketing team to monitor the sector and keep you informed about the latest trends. For example, the current tendency is to develop closer direct ties with super affiliates and to own the affiliate relationship. We also see higher rewards going to content affiliates, for their role as initiators in the sales journey rather than for just the last click.

In-house affiliate marketing – Summit expertise

Summit delivers a single view of all affiliate activity, so you get the relevant information without the noise

To help you maintain competitive advantage, we deliver successful in-house affiliate management programmes. Our services provide you with:  

  • Affiliate engagement strategies
  • Super affiliates from day one
  • Actionable, tailored reporting
  • Override-free payments, direct to affiliates
  • Payment systems that reward both online and offline sales

 In-house affiliate marketing – Summit technologies

Affiliate Marketing

To minimise the burden of your in-house affiliate marketing, we continue to develop our own proprietary technologies and tools:

  • Product feeds: We can produce, support and optimise all of your product feeds
  • Pre-built content units: These units are automatically populated with your products and offers, and easily integrated into your affiliates’ sites
  • White label in-house platform: By integrating this platform into your existing back office systems, we can provide you with reports on metrics such as conversion rates, visitor numbers and cost per acquisition (CPA)
  • Email builder: We use your existing product feeds to automatically generate tailored emails that increase awareness, traffic and incremental sales
  • Brand monitor: We track your affiliates’ promotions to ensure accurate messaging and to maintain brand integrity
  • SummitFEED: Imports, revises and then exports revisions of your existing product feeds, tailored to the different formatting needs of the various networks

In-house affiliate marketing – Summit insight

Affiliate Marketing supported by our Insight team

Our statistical insight team supports your in-house affiliate marketing activities by offering campaign data and detailed analysis of your customers’ behaviour. Our services cover the following areas: 

  • Attribution
    Recognise the value of different affiliate types (e.g. content, PPC and cash back) with the help of our attribution model
  • Cash back sites
    Understand the role of these sites in your typical customer’s journey and discover whether the cash back phenomenon is cannibalising sales that you should attribute elsewhere
  • De-duping
    Use our de-dupe simulation to assess the possible effects on your affiliates and then plan an appropriate response before deciding to go ahead.

In-house affiliate marketing in practice – Three Mobile

Their challenge

Three Mobile needed an affiliate marketing solution that could be tailored to the very specific needs of a mobile phone retailer allowing them to efficiently track sales and handset activations and reward their affiliates accordingly.



Our solution

We delivered a high quality tracking and billing solution specifically configured to the exact needs of the mobile sector. This has enabled clearer reporting and enhanced communication with affiliates who were also able to benefit from support via our dedicated affiliate helpdesk.



The results

Our in-house system provided immediate positive results for Three Mobile whilst helping them strengthen their relationships with their affiliate base and reduce costs by more than 60 per cent.




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