Email marketing for retail – the Summit difference

Summit helps Carpetright increase sales through improved email marketing

As the UK’s only retail-focused digital marketing and eCommerce specialists, we understand email’s role within your customer acquisition and retention strategies. We also know that best practice suggests behavioural targeting, and the personalisation of your offers and promotions, will increase conversion and retention.

Summit believes that the market intelligence you gather from across the channels should inform the timing and content of your email campaigns. We deliver effective email communications based upon:

  • Data
    We develop a clear understanding of your customer data and segmentation and use this learning to inform the creative propositions underpinning your promotions.
  • Triggered emails
    By automating the process and tailoring emails to your customer segmentation, we increase the number of cross- and up-sell opportunities while minimising basket abandonment.
  • Effective design
    Our designs adopt the latest industry standards to help you achieve your campaign goals (e.g. a rise in incremental sales).
  • Subject lines
    We create subject lines that reflect the consumer actions that triggered the email, as well as your own customers’ drivers and motivations.

Email marketing for retail – Summit expertise

To ensure you maximise returns on your email marketing investment, we provide the following services:

  • Campaign goal-setting
    We can help you establish clear campaign objectives, from simple data capture through to increased sales.
  • Campaign management and analysis
    In addition to designing and despatching your emails, we provide post-campaign analysis that measures effectiveness and accurately attributes sales before being used to inform future campaigns.
  • Database management
    We’ll take care of the analysis and segmentation of your customer database, so you don’t have to.
  • Social media integration
    To extend the awareness of your products and promotions, we incorporate ‘sharing’ buttons within your emails that link into social media properties such as Facebook, Reddit, StumbleUpon and Twitter.

Email marketing for retail – Summit technologies


To help you gain competitive advantage, we use Stingray – our proprietary tracking, reporting and marketing software suite – and other technologies to provide the following services:

  • Testing
    To ensure that all the recipients on your list(s) can see your emails as intended, we test for compatibility with Gmail, Outlook, Lotus Notes, OS X, Windows XP, desktop, mobile and so on.
  • Spam filtering
    Before distributing your emails, we also test against the industry-leading spam filters to maximise the number of successful deliveries.
  • Delivery optimisation
    We optimise the timing of your email deliveries by following industry best practice plus known retail and browsing trends.
  • Email heat maps
    Using heat map tests has taught us how and when to change hero products and/or navigation, and led to significantly improved click-through rates.

Email marketing for retail – Summit insight

Summit helps you use email to convert abandoned baskets into sales

Using data collected from all your marketing activities, our statistical insight team analyses your customers’ behaviour and provides insights into the following areas:

  • Email and multi-channel sales
    Our effective tracking and reporting tools provide insights into email’s role as a sales generator, influencer and converter for multi-channel customers.
  • Time sensitivity
    We can improve the effectiveness of your emails by measuring shoppers’ propensity to buy a specific product at differing points of the sales cycle, and by analysing retail factors such as seasonality.

Email marketing for retail in practice– Laskys


Their challenge felt its standard email creatives were too complicated to be truly effective. Seeking a solution that would make campaigns more successful, by encouraging higher click-through rates and ultimately drive increased sales volumes.


Our solution

We were able to test multiple email concepts through the use of mouse tracking and heat mapping technology. This enabled us to identify the most appealing qualities of email campaigns and optimise accordingly.


The results

We delivered a re-design of’s email templates and ensured click-through rates increased above expected industry averages.


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