Comparison shopping – the Summit difference

Summit expertise will help you optimise your comparison shopping channel

As the UK’s only retail-focused digital marketing and eCommerce specialists, we know there’s still a “click to landing” discrepancy in the comparison shopping channel. And, despite the obvious advantages of Google Universal Search being free, we also understand how this can lead you to under-invest and neglect optimisation.

Summit can help you overcome these problems thanks to a unique combination of factors. We have more than a decade’s sector expertise and world class tracking facilities. Our close relationship with Google means we gain early access to beta programmes and developments (e.g. the algorithm changes of February 2011, known as Google Panda). Finally, we use technologies – including our proprietary product feed management system (SummitFEED) – intelligently, to help you maintain an edge.

Google Shopping – The Complete Guide

Google Shopping has begun its change to a commercial model built on Product Listing Ads. Summit has compiled a thorough Google Shopping Toolkit and an exclusive interview with John Gillan, Industry Leader for Retail Sector at Google UK.

Comparison shopping – Summit expertise

Summit has over a decade

  • Audited and managed feedback
    We track and monitor reviews and comments to ensure they remain SEO-friendly and consistent with your brand.
  • Mapping and conversion
    To maximise conversion, our solutions automatically map your products to the correct shopping categories and sub-categories.
  • Pricing and data control
    We manage your pricing and product data across a large number of third party sites.
  • Product feed management
    You can achieve higher page rankings, improved visibility and increased sales by using European Article Numbers (EANs) within your product feeds – a process handled effortlessly by SummitFEED.
  • Content optimisation
    We can generate bespoke creative treatments for your high-ranking products, to improve sales by increasing the click through ratio (CTR).
  • Deal brokering
    By brokering cost per action (CPA) deals where appropriate, we can reduce un-needed clicks and help you gain better financial returns.

Comparison shopping – Summit technologies

Summit technologies will optimise your ROI

We contribute to improving your ROI by continuing to invest in the following technologies:

  • Stingray software marketing suite
    You can use our proprietary digital marketing technology to get detailed, real-time reporting.
  • Feed pre-processor
    Our fully-automated process takes your existing product feed, cleanses and re-formats it, then syndicates it to all of your partners.
  • Feed builder and optimiser
    To simplify the process of swapping products in and out, we can create individual feeds with optimised descriptions to suit different destinations, based upon your pre-determined rules.
  • Data mapping
    We can automatically map the product feeds you supply on to the data we collate from other external and internal sources.
  • SummitFEED
    This transforms a single in-feed into multiple outbound feeds, each one tailored to the needs of different publishers automatically – without your intervention.

Comparison shopping – Summit insight

Summit helps you understand and improve your customers

Our statistical insight team helps you make the best use of comparison shopping, through:

  • Cross-channel marketing:
    We can choreograph your product pricing and propositions matrix to maximise the cross-channel benefits of SEO, PPC and shopping results appearing within a blended search environment.
  • Click definition:
    We eliminate the discrepancies between tracking and invoicing by defining a click accurately (e.g. establishing whether a shopping engine counts one click or two if a user comes into the site, uses the back button and then revisits within three seconds).

Comparison shopping in practice –


Their challenge

With an ever-changing and diverse product catalogue, needed a solution that would power multiple comparison shopping engines efficiently and profitably without creating additional work for their overstretched IT department.


Our solution

Our bespoke single feed solution, summitFEED, was engaged to ensure was able to maintain highly-relevant and up-to-date feeds in relation to stock, availability and price, to power multiple comparison shopping engine campaigns.


The results

SummitFEED successfully delivered more than 4.2 million products daily to a range of comparison shopping engines and affiliate partners.

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