Attribution – the Summit difference

Summit follows your customers through the sales journey and attributes sales accordingly

As the UK’s only retail-focused digital marketing and eCommerce specialists, we understand the issues surrounding accurate attribution. We also know that attribution is getting harder due to the growing complexity of online marketing channels and the multiple touch points within a typical customer journey.

Summit overcomes these issues by accurately tracking and attributing your activities across all channels. We then use our retail-specific Insight Framework to provide you with a single, coherent view of what’s happening – for a deeper understanding of your online marketing and offline sales.

We follow your customers through all stages of the sales journey and record every touch point, attributing sales accordingly while taking into account seasonality, product mix on the buying cycle, and other factors.

Attribution – Summit expertise


To maximise your ROI and deliver accurate attribution, we use:

  • A starting point

    Years of retail data have allowed us to build a retail-specific attribution model that can then be fine tuned using data gathered from your customers.

  • Statistically valid methods and sample sizes
  • Time-weighted attribution models
    To ensure a multi-dimensional view of optimisation is in place, we attribute sales according to their position/proximity to the point of conversion.
  • Sequence-based attribution
    This lets you conduct multichannel forecasting more successfully, classifying your customers’ journeys by value and type as determined by a sequence of clicks.
  • In-store attribution 
    To measure the true ROI of your digital marketing, you can attribute in-store sales to the online channel that delivered them.

Attribution – Summit technologies


You can gain a competitive edge by taking advantage of our continuing development of Stingray Technology.

  • Stingray marketing toolkit
    Our proprietary digital marketing tool for multi-channel tracking, data gathering and management (import from/export to different systems) and detailed reporting in real-time underpins our work in creating your highly accurate attribution model(s). We take tracked data and carry out modelling using our own attribution architecture, which is based on the R programming language.

Attribution – Summit insight

Combining statisticians, mathematicians and digital marketing experts, our insight team has the skills to develop your attribution model(s) and give you the knowledge you need for:

  • Forecasting
    You can use our attribution models to forecast the ROI in a specific channel and even determine what you need to spend on marketing to generate a specific sales value.
  • Budget re-allocation
    Our attribution models give you a more thorough understanding of your business, ensuring that you allocate your budget where it delivers the maximum return.

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