Retail affiliate marketing network management – the Summit difference

Summit has always provided us with an excellent service by combining great technical expertise across the board with a friendly and knowledgeable support team. 

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As the UK’s only retail-focused digital marketing and eCommerce specialists, we understand how the networks have traditionally dominated affiliate marketing. We also know enough to question whether they are giving you the best possible value, given their commission rates and the level of management they provide.

Retail affiliate marketing network management – Summit expertise

Summit offers you a single view of affiliate activity so you can assess value

We work with a variety of network platforms and, to help you gain competitive advantage, continue to develop our own affiliate management tools:

  • Brand bidding checker
    Runs checks on key terms related to your brand and products, ensuring your affiliates are not in breach of your terms and conditions.
  • SummitFEED
    Imports, revises and then exports revisions of your existing product feeds, tailored to the different formatting needs of the various networks.
  • Container tags
    Rewards affiliates for their contribution to your sales, using agreed conversion rules.

Retail affiliate marketing network management – Summit technologies

Summit collects and analyses data to identify retail trends

Our statistical insight team supports your affiliate marketing activities by offering campaign data and detailed analysis of your customers’ behaviour. Our services cover the following areas:

  • Attribution
    Recognise the value of different affiliate types (e.g. content, PPC and cash back) with the help of our attribution model.
  • Cash back sites
    Understand the role of these sites in your typical customer’s journey and discover whether the cash back phenomenon is cannibalising sales that you should attribute elsewhere.
  • De-duping
    Use our de-dupe simulation to assess the possible effects on your affiliates and then plan an appropriate response before deciding to go ahead.
  • Cross-channel
    Determine whether SEO brand clicks are more effective than affiliates – or simply masking the role of affiliates in the sales journey.
  • Conversion rules
    Affiliate activity is reported differently to other channels. Conversion rules, based on our statistical analysis, help you understand who deserves to be rewarded for their contribution to any given sale.

Retail affiliate marketing network management – Summit insight

Network management insight

To help you maintain a competitive advantage in this space, we offer an affiliate marketing network management service that:
  • Incentivises and rewards your affiliates
    Using competitions and other devices as incentives, plus reward schemes for affiliates that initiate customer journeys, we help you to build brand loyalty and key relationships while also identifying the best (and worst) performers to ensure you retain only the most motivated.
  • Facilitates closer working relationship with super affiliates
    With access to all the major affiliate networks and super affiliates, we deliver highly effective promotions – including cross-network opportunities – and help you develop your own relationships through daily phone and email contact plus specialist forums.
  • Provides compelling propositions for your product offers
    We can help you grab attention and share of voice by maintaining your optimised product feeds and assisting with your new product launches.
  • Monitors – and benchmarks against – competitors
    To help you stay competitive and react quickly to changing retail conditions, we constantly track your performance against other retailers and suggest strategy modifications (e.g. hiring a second network).

Retail affiliate marketing network management – Homebase


Their challenge

Homebase believed that an additional investment in affiliate marketing had the potential to drive additional sales and revenue – but had no cost-effective way of testing the theory.


Our solution

We placed one of our highly-experienced affiliate marketing experts into the Homebase business for a period of ten weeks. During this time he was able to test and activate theories connecting increased budget and resource to improved affiliate performance – and deliver detailed insight into the delivery of enhanced affiliate marketing activity.


The results

Improved communications with affiliates ensured significant growth from the channel, with top tier affiliates reporting an average increase in revenues of 15 per cent.


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